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About Us

Here at Creative E-Juice we offer a wide variety of E-¬Cigarettes and accessories. These e-cigs are a long lasting alternative to traditional cigarettes. The cool sophistication of smoking appealed to many people in days gone by. With the increased awareness of the harmful effects of cigarettes, people are looking for alternatives. Unlike a carton of cigarettes with the electronic version you can select the nicotine strength and the flavor you prefer.

We are looking to provide our customers in the Houston area, a better smoking alternative.

There are three types of customers we serve:

• One type of customer is a customer who wants to quit smoking cigarettes and also wants to quit smoking e-cigs all together.

• Another type of customer is a customer who doesn’t necessarily want to quit smoking because they enjoy smoking, yet friends and family want them to quit.

• Yet another type of customer is a customer who has already quit smoking but at various times during their week they crave a cigarette or occasionally “cheat”.

Because we have various levels of nicotine and many flavors to choose from we can assist all of these types of customers. We have a lot of customers who have started on the highest nicotine level and have worked their way down to 0mg and then passed their kit on to a friend or family member. We also have a large base of customers who state they will smoke electric from now on because they enjoy it so much. We also have customers who specifically buy the 0mg nicotine level for just those times when they crave a cigarette. All the cartridges regardless of flavor or nicotine level give the taste and feel of smoking.

At Creative E-Juice our entire goal is to assist people in switching from traditional chemical filled cigarettes over to the less offensive Vapor e-cigs. We are here to help you make a lifestyle change you wouldn’t have ever believed possible. Once and for all kick the cigarettes to the curb.

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